2023 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s an overwhelming time to be a consumer (we feel it too!). We hope our suggestions are helpful if you’re still looking for something thoughtful to give this season. 

Our Favourite Things (and experiences)

  1. We’ve built a family tradition of adding one new board game each holiday season. Right now our 5yr old’s favourite’s are Outfoxed and Connect 4.
  2. We’ve had a Yoto player for 2 years now, and what a brilliant screen-free audiobook/music device this is. You may have seen our daughter listening while we're working at the market. Use this link for 10% off! 
  3. Did you know we keep beehives at the farm? They are managed by Autumn’s Bounty who produce the finest Ontario honey  You'll find our tulsi, calendula, chamomile, and valerian rows literally buzzing in peak season 🐝.
  4. We fell in love with these Rock & Pine mugs at a recent market. So perfect to pair with our Forest Tea collection.
  5. Our friends at Hurt Berry Farm make this insanely yummy Spicy Honey, which we’ve discovered tastes so good in our Boost tea! A fun twist for the heat lovers 🔥. (Drew also makes amazing hot sauces)
  6. Storyworth is a beautiful way to capture the life story of a loved one, broken down into manageable weekly writing prompts. The last few years have taught us to not wait until it’s too late.
  7. The “safe” tea option for gifting. You won’t find many people who don’t enjoy an uplifting cup of mint tea, and this one takes fresh & organic to the next level.
  8. We’re so happy that experiences over ‘things’ is becoming more embraced. For the ‘herb-curious’ an introductory class is a lovely gift. The Herbal Academy has a wide offering of workshops and we're also excited about the newly launched “Becoming a Home Herbalist Course” by herbalist Correne Omland.
  9. Desbarres Chocolate has crafted two gorgeous bars using our herbs; Mint Chocolate and Anise Hyssop & Fig. The conventional chocolate industry has a very icky side to it, so we're passionate about supporting well-sourced cacao. 
  10. Sarafino creates olive oil’s and spreads from their family's own olive orchards in Italy. Beautiful quality for the foodies in your life.
  11. A gift-card to a local coffee shop is such a nice treat to receive, and makes for a simple date with a loved one. 
  12. Winter skincare. Our fragrance-free calendula oil works for any age (babies to seniors), and any skin type. Its versatility makes it a great gift (massage, body oil, face oil, baby oil...) and there's absolutely no fillers or toxic additives.
  13. The most important gift of all - TRULY - is being present. As a parent, we’ve learned that our kids really want nothing more than for us to BE with them. With our full attention - phones set aside, just playing, listening, talking. This is the best gift we can all give each other this season.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.


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