What makes our herbs & herbal tea different?

Most commercial teas are ground up and put in tea bags, and you drink them without much thought. We want to sell teas that encourage you to connect with the ingredients - their colour, smell, taste, and the story of how they were grown.  Our teas are grown, dried and blended in small batches on our farm. We don't import any additional herbs - only what we can produce ourselves in this climate.  When the season’s harvest is sold out, you’ll have to wait for the next one. But that's what makes each sip even more special.


  • Grown for Nutrient Density: We focus on the health of our soil through compost and no-till practices which allow our plants to grow to their full potential. 
  • Harvested on a Human Scale: We hand harvest all of our herbs when they are at peak potency. By harvesting manually, we can select the best quality and omit the ones with browning leaves (herbs that other companies would grind up and put in your tea bag).  
  • The Finest Quality: We dry our herbs at the right temperature to maintain their freshness and potency (instead of rushing the process with heaters).  We have custom built, human-scale machines which allow us to de-stem and cut herbs without damaging them.
  • Our goal as a farm? To cultivate connection. We want to connect people to the plants that grow in the ecosystem they live in. We want to connect people to their food system. We want to connect people to the source of their purchases. We want to connect people to their own bodies - and how to use plants in simple ways to feel better.