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Nettle Leaf - 100g
Drink your way to health! Our Nourish Collection features nutrient-dense herbs that can be enjoyed one at a time, or mixed by you to create your own customized blend.  About Nettle Leaf: Energy & Foundational Support Immune Support Women & Mens...
Forest Garden Face Serum
This glowing green oil glides on and absorbs quickly while hydrating and deeply nourishing dry, dull, or sensitive skin. Inspired by the plants in our forest garden, this serum is composed of highly potent & freshly pressed Ontario grown hemp seed oil,...
from $22.00
Ignite Fire Cider
A herb infusion for that daily spark. A collaboration between Foggy River Farm & Hurt Berry Farm, this spicy herb & apple cider vinegar tonic supports a strong immune system, congestion relief, promotes circulation, and sparks digestion. Buzzing with nutrients from  raw local Ontario...
Nettle Seed
A premium concentrated single herb liquid extract. Botanical Name: Urtica dioica Part Used: Fresh seed and leaf Ingredients: Nettle, Filtered Water, Ethanol Featured Herb: Nettle Seeds act as an adaptogen supporting the general stress response, strengthening the adrenals.  Nettles are intensely nutritive, being dense with...


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Customer Experiences

So this is what peak potency feels and tastes like - seriously high vibe!

I love to grow my own herbs yet until I experienced Foggy River Farm products I didn’t fully appreciate their characteristics and qualities. I’ve been enjoying Foggy River teas and extracts daily, they connect me immediately with the spirit of the plants and truly enhance my well being. Thank you for your dedication to this craft!
Kimiko Uchikura

Brilliant Skin Serum

I love the serum offered by Foggy River Farm! I find that it is perfect for mature skin. It is highly absorbable, free of toxins, and made by a company that cares about people and planet. Thank you for providing a fantastic product!
Tanya S

So Happy.

I love your teas, they help me sleep better and feel better. Also they taste phenomenal! I’m glad you’re here in Uxbridge.

Please never stop!

Your teas keep my stomach happy, and your face oils are a god-send. I know they are slow to make, but please never stop making them!
Chantal H.
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