6 Mushroom Blend
  A premium concentrated liquid extract made using a dual-extraction method making it more bioavailble. Can be used as a part of your daily routine! Part Used: Fresh mushroom Ingredients: Chaga, Turkey Tail, Artist's Conk, Tinder Polypore, Birch Polypore, Red Belted Polypore, Filtered Water,...
BOOST Herbal Tea
from $16.00
BOOST Herbal Tea
Our newest tea for winer wellness! Echinacea fires up the immune system, which is known to help reduce the duration of cold & flu symptoms. This tea has an earthy mint flavor with a hint of tart hibiscus. Ingredients: Echinacea Leaf &...
from $16.00
 A premium concentrated liquid herbal extract. Part Used: Fresh flower Ingredients: Calendula, Filtered Water, Ethanol Featured Herb: Calendula is most-famous for skin healing properties, but is also a well known herb for an ability to help relieve inflammatory conditions of the digestive system. According to the...
DEFENCE Herbal Tea
Ready to take on cold & flu season! A useful tea for when your feeling rundown, headachey, feverish, and congested. And delicious with honey! Ingredients: Yarrow, Elderflower, Peppermint, Ox-Eye Daisy Featured Herbs: Yarrow: This plant is a do-it-all for flu and fever!...
from $10.00
Echinacea Root
A premium concentrated single herb liquid extract. Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea &  Echinacea angustifolia Part Used: Fresh root Ingredients: Echinacea Root, Filtered Water, Ethanol,  Featured Herb: For hundreds of years, Echinacea has been used to support a healthy immune response and soothe the respiratory system.  This product...
Licorice Root
A premium concentrated single herb liquid extract. Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra Part Used: Fresh root Ingredients: Licorice Root, Filtered Water, Ethanol,  Featured Herb: Licorice root is a sweet-tasting adaptogenic herb that has a history of use supporting healthy immunity, building resilience to stress, enhancing vitality,...
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