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Our farm-grown plant wands are beautiful bundles of dried herbs that can be burned like incense to clear the energy in a space and signify the sacred. An invitation to stop, slow down, become mindful and centred. Smoke can symbolize the beginning and end of something – like a moon cycle, a sister circle, or a really crummy day.

These bundles include mugwort, wormwood, calendula, anise hyssop, and yarrow. 

For your smoke cleansing, you’ll want to hold one end of your plant wand and light the other with a match. Let the end burn a bit before blowing out and allowing it to smolder so you can begin. When finished, gently pat down the smoldering end of your plant wand so it goes completely out.

The profits (& and tips) from the sale of these plant wands will go directly to student BIPOC scholarships to the Seed, Soil & Spirit School.  The scholarships will allow racialized students with no access to generational wealth to join the program while ensuring faculty are equitably compensated for their time. Their program is an 8-month course intended for Black, Indigenous, racialized, and allied people who want to learn about plant medicine, legacies of herbalism and caring for the land, plants, and people around us. 

Please read: These are not "smudge sticks".  The terms "Smudging" and "Smoke Cleansing" can not be used interchangeably, because they represent two different practices. Both are rich with history but one belongs to a culture that has fought hard against horrific colonization to keep its ways both sacred and alive. 

Colonization repressed, eroded and in some cases, eradicated the spiritual traditions of Indigenous peoples in Canada. While the federal Indian Act did not explicitly ban smudging (as it did the potlach and sun dance, until 1951), it did broadly outlaw Indigenous religious and cultural activities, of which smudging is an integral part, in many cases. Additionally, assimilative policies such as residential schools forbid the practice of Indigenous cultures. 

Smudging is deeply spiritual, and non-Indigenous peoples seeking to participate in these ceremonies should respectfully contact people with credible Indigenous ancestry, wisdom and ceremonial knowledge.

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Plant Wands
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