What are your shipping options?

We ship via Canada Post throughout Ontario. Canada Post expedited parcel typically costs between $12-$15 (depending on the size of your order), with 1-7 days shipping time. We also offer $5 local delivery, and free pick-up in Downtown Uxbridge.

How does the free Uxbridge pick-up work?

At checkout, you can select our FREE Local Pick-Up at The Bridge Social coffee shop and boutique in Downtown Uxbridge. We will send you an email when your order is ready, and then you can head over to the store and simply ask for your order at the cash. Order are typically ready in 2-3 business days.

What is the $5 Local Delivery?

At checkout, you can select local delivery for a $5 cost, and we will hand deliver your order! You must live within the Township of Uxbridge. If you have specific delivery instructions about where to leave your order, please email us at hello@foggyriverfarm.com

Are your products organic?

All of our herbs are grown organically, with tremendous care for our soil health and surrounding ecosystem. We are not a certified organic farm. If you have any questions about our farming practices, send us a note and we are happy to chat!  

Do you really grow all of your own herbs?

YES! We only sell what we can grow. We do not import herbs, which means we can attest to the quality of every single ingredient.  If we sell out of a tea sometimes it is unavailable until the next farming season, which makes it all the more special! This is a great resource on why we are so dedicated to educating people about where their herbs come from.